Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Sandy Claws, Gimme This!

Dear Sandy Claws,

I know it's a bit early, but last years xmas was teh disappoint so I figured I'd make sure you had plenty of time to find and deliver the goodies I want this year.

Zhumell Z12 - 12" Dobsonion Telescope

No fancy automagic go-to gadgetry, (that's next year), just a decent light gathering bucket and a decent price.

 Tele-vue Nagler eye pieces

82 degree apparent field - "The goal is to allow the telescope to virtually "disappear," leaving the impact of "spacewalk" viewing."   Yes, please!

I'll take the following: 31mm, 26mm, 16mm and an 11mm

 Telrad Sight

"Easy and accurate star hopping" - Should go well with the very manual dob scope.


Laser (pew pew pew) Collimator

And finally, to make sure the mirrors are perfectly aligned so the scope performs at it's best.  The Hotech with it's SCA, Self Centering Adapter should do a great job!

I love technology and I would absolutely love some fancy gadgetry on a telescope that finds it's own location via GPS, auto-slews to the next star or planet selected from it's eleventy-billion object library, but I want a large aperture.  Fancy scopes with large apertures are big $$$ and so will have to wait some time.  Priorities. :-/